Munsee Meats’ history began in 1957 as Tom’s Meats and has been guided by the “Appeal to the Great Spirit,” or as the locals know it, Chief Munsee, ever since. In 1973 it became Munsee Meats, Inc. and expanded and upgraded many times over the years and now houses nearly 12,000 square feet of cooler and freezer space and is one of the few USDA Federally Inspected meat plants in Indiana.

In 2020, the management team of Jason Mauck, Jonathan Lamb, Sean Stetson, and Nick Terry took the helm with the mission of continuing the proud legacy of Munsee Meats while folding in cutting-edge technology for a true farm-to-table experience. That same team approached Whitinger Strategic Services for a brand that would help usher in this new era of the business. 



A company that has been around since 1957, Munsee Meats stood the test of time and continues to provide a wide variety of fresh meat to local businesses and consumers. The type treatment is a classic font with a modern twist, and the letters have been broken apart to create more visual interest while utilizing ligatures (which add an element reminiscent of a lasso used by a cowboy) that give it that intricate and custom feel. 

The combination of old and new ideas showcases both where Munsee Meats has been and where it’s headed. Further inspection will reveal a custom mark created within the logo – the ‘M’ from “Meats” has been detailed with a knife rather than a standard leg that would normally combine with the hairline. This ‘M’ mark can then be used as a standalone element in further brand use.



To further develop a business through visual familiarity a brand must be more than just the logo. We approached the Munsee Meats brand with that same modern take on “farm to table” and developed an aesthetic that helped to set the company apart from others in the same market.

Every extension was taken into consideration – we tackled things like photography, the outdoor kiosks, signage at the meat packing facility, the meat packaging itself, stationery, fleet vehicles, trade show banners, stickers, and the e-commerce website. 



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