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Who We Are


We’re a team of technologists, designers, and strategists driven to create products that enhance the world around us.



Itonga is a passionate, tight-knit team of premier specialists who can take on any challenge in the sphere of web and mobile app development.


We love what we do, but what really makes us shine is years of experience and a deep knowledge of internal business processes that empower us to develop products which are exactly as they should be.


We never take the easy way and keep up with the times, always sticking to the newest trends in design and development.



User experience design

Great user experience is to meet the exact needs of the user. The challenge lies in mapping out what defines the user and what their needs are. This is the conceptual part of the process, of which the output is fundamental for the translation to visuals.

  • User research
  • User stories
  • Interaction design


User interface design

The visual counterpart of the great user experience we aim to achieve. The interface should be simple and intuitive. The flow should be smooth and seamless. Carefully crafting an environment to enable the user to be fully immersed in the experience.

  • Web- and app design
  • Responsive design
  • Design systems


Digital prototyping

We’re creating value through interaction, to demonstrate concepts in a fully interactive environment makes sense. Through various fidelities of prototyping we can validate user flows, interactions with users and relevant stakeholders.

  • Low- mid- and high fidelity
  • Interactions
  • Animations

Our Team

Nikki Simpson – Lead Digital Designer

Jamie Robinson – Digital Designer

Lauren Irwin – Creative Director

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